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Hey guy, today I was writing up my trings for my next trip and I decided to write a post How you can travel without a travel agency, save money and see many places. So no more words lets get into it.

1. Plan & time
First of all you need to have a plan and time, these are two main essentials for your trip. There are two ways of traveling 
- plan and spontainius
 both of them need a strategy and time for booking and searching. If you are planning ahead it may cost more but you can plan everything and set everything to be perfect. The second one is more fun and adventure. This is the way I love to travel, it is fun because you never know what city you might go to because it depends on the plane ticket. 

2. Flight and Accomodation 
For you more safe and planning people (I understand part of me loves it too, but I found the way how to have both), I have an advise
- book tickets around 5-6 weeks before the travel, at this time the tickets are the cheapest, days for tickets buying Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Flights on days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.
- check the nearby airports (maybe from a deferent city is cheaper, this actually happened to me with flight tickets to Malaga, from Bratislava they cost around 100 euro and from Vienna I got them for 47 euro. Also I was booking them something between 5-6 weeks. 
- honestly I dont know if this hack really works or it worked for me only but try to book 2 one way tickets rather then a ticket with return (it will cost you less)
- after searching, delete your computer history, airline sites tend to remember your searches and as a result they higher the prices each time you look them up
- if you are going for few days, take only a carry on (you will save around 50 euros) 
- search the fare finder, it will find you all the cheap tickets also in a half year, so you can get the best deal (this works also for last minute tickets)
- this is for last minute travelers but I think this will help only my center Europe readers, the sites like
Have daily offers for cheap flights.

- search search and search
- after searching again delete your history and cookies (avoid the higher price)
- think about renting a flat (sometimes it is cheaper and much easier)
- compere the price, location (dont jump for the lowest price, sometimes the traveling into the city center will cost you more than the price diference.
- check the possibilities with breakfasts (usually they are much more worthy)
- sites I love to work with

3. Transport
This may get a little bit tricky but what I love to do is to plan ahead and dont leave it for the last time. Book your bus tickets ahead (so wont happen there is no space), check the public transport, airport site (it has all the conections written on the site)
- check the time for transport to the airport (the check in opens 2 hours before the flight, if you have only carry on you can come a bit later, but personaly I would not do that)
- count all the time 30-60 minutes ahead, never know when a trafic jam can appear or you miss the bus, its better to be early then miss the flight
- check the possibility of renting a car, in many countries it is a better option then a public transport
- try to buy a whole day tickets for public transport, or even a week ones if you are stying longer (you will save money)

4. Places to visit
- what I reccomend is to plan ahead what you want to visit so you will have a picture about what you want to do during your stay for this is the best app|site ever Inspirock
and it is easy you just enter the days of your stay choose destination and your prefered activities
 It is really easy and helpful, it will plan you the whole trip, also shows you the transport you might use.
The following site is really similar I love to use it, it shows you all the places worth the visit. And it is called Tripadvisor, again really easy and efeciant. It will show you all the places close and the people opinions about it

- the thing I also do is to write it down in my laptop and print it out, together with the flight information and also I save it on my phone
- next, I love to search for restaurants, cafes and places which are not included in these trip advisors and write them down with their addresses

5. Packing
 - when it comes to packing, take only a carry on, it will save you extra charges, also if you have a late flight back think about, you will have to carry the suitcase all the time
- write down all you need and don't take more
- plan your outfits (it is the best way how to leave unuseful things home)
- pack your chargers and if you have an external charger
- roll your thing, you will save space
- prefer comfy instead of fancy (trust me sneakers are better than heels in a travel speed)
- pack an empty bottle and fill it with water after the control, you will save 3 euros for water
- pack things inside each other, for example, if you have a bag put your cosmetics in it, you will save space

So that is all for today, I hope you find it helpful, tell me how you like to travel and where did you go or will go. Dont forget to subscribe and see you next time. xoxo Mon

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  1. Such nice tips, I loved it :D
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  2. Oh thanks for share all your tips

  3. For my recent trips I always took only a carry-on bag and it really is the best decision ever. Amazing tips!
    I just followed your lovely blog. Hope you follow back and let's keep in touch.

    1. Thank you dear, I am happy i could help. Yes traveling with a carry one is the best thing ever.

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