Amazing HAIR ♥

By 14Monika141 - April 22, 2013

Hi guys, so last time I was thinking about what to do with my hair and I decided to change my hair colour or just make an ombre hair, but i can´t choose, I love so much the first Lea Michele hair but the second too. It´s hard to choose :D But I adore all these hair styles they are absolutly amazing, what do you think about them ?? :)

(these pictures are from or from google)

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1 komentárov

  1. First and last totally win but all are awesome and a little bit crazy :D

    Nie som veľmi dobrý angličtinár tak prosím prepáč :D
    Zapíš si ma do AFFS aj ja si ťa idem a aj som ťa dala odoberať ;)