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By 14Monika141 - April 10, 2015

How I said, I am going to fulfil my promises. And as the first post I chose a "Get the look" type of post. And as the first person/celeb I chose Kylie Jenner as you probably know as a younger half sister of Kim Kardashian. The reason why I chose Kylie was that I personaly like her style and the way she has her hair and make-up.
A lot of people think that she looks quite plastic and there a lot of rumors about her having surgeries, but I have to say that I like the way she looks a lot and I think she looks unique and her style as well. So hope you guys like this post and leave a comment if you like that and also leave me a comment who would you like to have in a next get the look post.


→ So first things first "the make-up"
Kylie has never been seen with a heavy make up, she doesn´t wear wild eyeshadows and crazy coloured lipsticks. She wears brown nude eyeshadows and a winged eyeliner. Contouring the face is also a must in her case, it makes her face look how she wants it to look. And as a lipstick she always wears a nude lipstick which beautifuly finishes her look.

→ And now the best thing the outfits

I chose 2 outfits by Kylie and I also tried to find the exact things she wore or at least a cheper version of her outfit.

1. The first outfit is inspired by Kylie casual street style, she has her convers which I found for $70, her top is a boxy textured-striped top which I found in Forever 21 for $20, her jeans are ripped boyfriend jeans I found one in Abercombie&Fitch for $39, and I couldn´t find her exact purse but I found this one which is a Rebecca Minkoff purse and it costs $125.

Kylie Jenner 1

2. The second outfit is really kind of summer outfit. Kylie wears a tank top from Brendy Melville from sofia tank collection and it costs $28 and she wears a watermelon shorts which are from Urban Outfitters but also available on Asos now in discount for 36

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