By 14Monika141 - August 19, 2015

Hey guys welcome to my new type of posts and it is called "Explore London With Me". As you maybe know I have been to London once and It was for me an amazing experience and lovely trip. So because of this I decided to start these kind of post series. Today in this first episode I am going to tell you about my 1. lovely day in London. It was in April and the weather was lovely and sunny. I fell in love with London and with the whole atmosphere. It was so lovely to walk thru London streets, parks and inhale the air. London is full of tourist and all of them want one thing to see and explore this amazing city. First day was most of about traveling I got on the train in Glasgow and the journey lasted for 4-5 hours and then we arrived to the dearest city to my heart to lovely London. Then we went to the hotel, checked in and went to the center which was really close to our hotel (I was living next to London Eye), we went for the ride on the London Eye, it was simple beautiful and amazing, you could feel the magic of this incredible view and the sun was going down so it was even lovelier at this time of the day. But before that we went for a boat trip on the river Thames and it was so beautiful, it lasted for 2 hours and we could see all this lovely building as Tower of London, Shakespears Globe, Paul´s Cathedral, Big Ben, House of Parlaments and so on.
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