WHAT TO WEAR: November outfit inspiration

By 14Monika141 - November 15, 2015

Hey guys! Today I am here with something I really like to do. I prepared for you some outfit inspiration. I love to create outfits because for me its really fun and I can express my fealings and creations in outfits. So I really hope you like them. Today I am here with autumn outfits for November. For me autumn is about colors, leaves falling from the trees, sun shining thru the clouds, fog and this kind of missty weather. So thats why I made these outfits this way, I love wine, green and a lot of black and white color combinations during fall time, also mustard and olive colors. Lots of skirts, thigts and dresses, long coats and high heels boots. Hope you like these outfits and leave down a comment which one would you wear and which one do you like, stay tuned and see you next time.

Pretty in Pastel

The first outfit I made is called "Pretty in Pastel". This season I am absolutelly in love with pastel colors, which we can say are a huge trend now. Colors such baby blue, pastel yellow, baby pinky are really popular nowadays  and that was my exat cup of inspiration while I was creating this outfit. First of all it is a pair of jeans because you cant go wrong with a pair of jeans. You can buy them I can say everywhere if its your local clothes shop, some brand (such as H&M - they have a nice colection of high waisted jeans, Forever21, NewLook, RiverIsland and so on). I combined them with a crop shirt it a really nice camel color with turttle neck and long sleeve. You can add some long necklaces and you cant go wrong with this outfit. As a main and the most important part of this outfit for me is deffinitelly the coat its in a beautiful baby pink color, long, straight cut and of course paired them with lovely high heel boots. This one is more of like a fancy outfit which I love!.


The second one is more like a school or coffee outfit, meeting with friends not so outstanding but still fashionable and classy. I have chosen a pair of washed high waisted jeans, a black crop top with a nice black jeacket, which is a combination of fabrick and leather, in my opinion it look really nice and kind a fancy. Paired them with high heel leather boots in a simple black color and with a nice handbag I prefer a wine color so I chose this one but it is up to you. 

Army with Kors

The third outfit is one of the outfits which You and Me aswell would call "I just run out of the house but I still look good". I really like this season the army jackets so I picked one combined it with black jeans added converse in wine color and the bag and thats it. You dont have to make a big effort and overdress to look fashionable. You can combine basic clothes in your wardrobe and make a really nice looking outfit.

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Love you guys! stay tuned and see you next time!

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