INSPIRATION: In love with TV series part 2.

By 14Monika141 - June 30, 2017

Hey guys it´s me again, I was thinking about new topics for post and as I was scrolling down what I have written for you I saw a post which caught my eye and you guys liked it a lot. It was my post about TV series as you maybe know I am a huge fan and because I wrote it nearly a year ago I think this is a great opportunity to refresh my list and maybe give you guys some inspiration. So here they are.

Okay this will be one of my ultimate faves forever and ever, because the cast is amazing, the story is epic and so complicated you just get lost in it but it has this great plot and it makes you feel like you want to know what happens in the next episodes, that's why I am watching every Tuesday and then waiting the whole week for the next episode so you can´t get tired of the girls trying to know who is A /recently who is AD?/, so who has not seen the PLL new season go and watch it you will never regret a for you who have no idea what I am talking about start from the first season and you will love it. Now I am really sorry the show is over, it was the best show ever and lasted for 7 years, I don't wanna ruin this for you so one of the next post will be my reaction for the season finally (yaaaaaay)

I was waiting for this one for like a year, after we discover Piper was the killer, now the killer is back and we are really curios who wants the revenge for Pipers dead. For these who don´t know what I am talking about, Scream is a tv series by MTV inspired by the original movie Scream, where a secret killer murders a bunch of people mostly students. MTV has started this series 2 years and now they are back with the second season which is way more twisted, scary and makes you think that actually you know who the killer is but be honest it´s never that person. So this is highly recommended. (because this post was written earlier, we know who the killer is, but waiting for season 3#)
I had dozens of friends who were like you should watch it is great, it has a great story, amazing cast you will love it and I was like no, I don´t like this kind of movies/series and one episode lasts for hour no definitely not. And then after 6 seasons I decided and whatched it and I was speachles, it´s great /sorry to all of you I said no :D/. Now I watched all the episodes so I am really curious about what is going to happen next. But we still need to wait few days to discover (GOT fans waiting for season 7) So if you like adventure, fiction then go and watch it and if you think you won´t like it at least give it a try.
This series is like, whoooa, you would never expect something like that. Great plot, amazing actors starting with Cole Sprouse (Disney) and new for me never seen actors and actresses, great team it creates an amazing show. The story begins with the death of Jason Blossom the rich kid and how its going on you start to discover the dirty secrets from the past which starts to hunt the people in the show. It is kinda realistic but rumor says the 2 season should me more like the comic book which I am not sure I will  be a fan but we have to wait till October to discover. But I highly recommend you guys to watch it. 

So that is all for now guys, hope you like it. You should definitely write me your favorite show and see you next time.
xoxo Mon 

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