A DAY IN MY LIFE: Brunch and something like that

By 14Monika141 - August 27, 2017

Hey guys, today I am back again with a new Day in my life post, few days ago I spent such a lovely day with my bestie Ema, we haven't seen each other for a long time, so it made me really happy that she came to Bratislava and visited me. Since I live alone and not in my hometown it is really hard sometimes to keep in touch with my friends and also we have our own life, school and work so it is sometimes really hard to arrange a girls day out but lucky us this was possible and turned out amazing!
First of all I really wanted to see the Blue Church in Bratislava also known as The Church of St. Elizabeth, is a Hungarian Secessionist (Jugendstil, Art Nouveau) Catholic church located in the eastern part of the Old Town in Bratislava. It is consecrated to Elisabeth of Hungary, daughter of Andrew II, who grew up in the Press-burg (Bratislava) Castle. It is referred to as "The Little Blue Church" because of the color of its facade, mosaics, majolica and blue-glazed roof. It was initially part of the neighboring gymnázium (high school) and served as the school chapel. It was actually really funny because I did not know the location of the church and it turned out to be really close to the place we were at and it took us around 5 minutes. If you ever will be in Bratislava definitely go and visit this place, it has small park around, and the church is beautiful and extraordinary with its architecture, I love it and I recommend this place for all the tourist who ever wonder here. 

And what a day it would be without food right, as we both love fancy places, coffee, lemonade and food we went to one of my favorite places of all the time called Urban House. As time passes you can see Bratislava turning into an example of a multicultural and modern city (slowly but we are getting there), you can see a big variety of places to visit and this place is an example of hipster place (at least people tell this about this place), but if you want to have a nice coffee or food (such as toast, avocado lovers, pastries and sandwiches) you are at right place. Food is delicious as well the cakes (this is a raspberry brownie, which at that day was the specialty, and it tasted like heaven guys, no joke it was amazing), and it gives you this chill feeling, the design is more urban, everything brought together, so different chairs and it looks like you just found bunch of things at flea market but trust me this gives it the perfect spirit and it is perfect. As I mentioned we had the raspberry brownies and lemonades, I had the Lavender and Blueberry and my friend had the Camomile and Mango I think. And last but not least we went for Ice Cream called Koun, it is a Ice Cream shop where the ice cream is prepared from high quality ingredients, without any extra artificial food additives. There is a big variety of flavors such as Peanut butter, Pineapple and Rosemary, Chai Latte, Lemon and Basil, Mint and Chocolate chips, Rose, Matcha and so on. Everyday the flavors are different and it has this nice sitting part inside, so if you like you can have waffles, coffee and it looks really nice from inside and of course the ice cream is delicious, but if you ever come here expect many people in the line waiting for their ice cream but trust me it is worth it. This is located on a place called Hviezdoslavovo Namestie. So this was my lovely time before lunch hope you like this post, leave a comment dont forget to subscribe and follow and see you next time xoxo.

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