By 14Monika141 - September 23, 2017

 End of summer for me ended really beautifully with lot of trips and memories I will keep in my mind for a really long time! One of these is definitely a trip in Bratislava with my dear friend Baja, we decided to visit the Botanic gardens of Bratislava. As I really love these kind of trips and I always attend these things as I did for example in Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Glasgow, London and more.. I loved them but definitely Glasgow was my favorite one. I did not think that the one in Bratislava could make me thing like yeah it is pretty. But I was surprised to be honest, okay for sure we can not compare it to other botanic gardens in the European top but it is really beautiful and I think in different time of the year it is even more lovely. But this was end of summer and not so many flowers were blossoming as you know (kinda chose the wrong time of the year). The entry is really cheap, it is few euros which you can not even consider as entry and if you are a student you get even the half price. It is really worth the look because it is really nice, peaceful and you can just enjoy the silence and the beauty of the nature. Even you are not a botanic expert, you can find something you really like about the place, as the flower field, gardens, lake and many more. Many people would say that it is nothing extra but just try to find the beauty and I promise you will find it, hope you like this post and the pictures, do not forget to leave a comment and follow if you like and see you next time xoxo Mon. More pictures down ......   


 Had to capture this beautiful view as walked back home

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  1. Amazing post dear, so interesting photos! Really beautiful and nice place! Love this natural!

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  2. Great post!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I follow you and I hope you will follow me back as soon as possible.

    Have a lovely weekend dear! ;)
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  3. great post dear. i really like the way your blog looks.
    i followed you and i hope that you'll follow me too.

  4. krásne fotky! :) hlavne tie zo skleníka ;)

    Sabi z blogu Beautiful savage

  5. Lovely post, i like the pics a lot :)

  6. Great post! Thanks for comment on my blog, I followed you. Now is your turn <3

    El's Notes

  7. Veľmi pekné fotky! :)

  8. Such gorgeous photos.

  9. What a beautiful botanical garden.
    Doreen's Style Diary

  10. These photos are so pretty!

  11. Awesome pictures! :)

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  12. What a beautiful garden. I love visiting botanical gardens.

    1. Yeah, for me it is the same. Thank you :)

  13. What a beautiful flowers there! I just follow you babe <3