By 14Monika141 - September 11, 2017

Hey guys, as I could see you really liked this kind of post, abut my day, what I did, what I ate, where I was and so on. And because I also love to write about these kind of things and I love to read these kind of posts on other blogs, we have INSPIRATION: JUST A NORMAL DAY #2 if you have not seen my previous post, just click bellow ↓


 On these lovely chill and not doing much days I love to prepare my lunch which usually contains from porridge or just a simple fruit ball, this day It was one of my favorite combination bananas and nectarine. I was watching the final episodes of 13 reasons why, which I have to confess I watched in two days, I feel guilty but there are not many shows which I like to be hones, but this one took my breath away. We can talk about amazing performances of the actors and actresses, amazing story line and concept, definitely worth watching it! I recommend!

 This day I went for a barbecue with my friends, it was really lovely, we had lunch there. I did not think about this place as this beautiful, it is near our office and it is reconstructed, really beautiful with a lot of nature.
 Then I did some shoppping.......
 And then I have spent a lovely night out in Bratislava, we had few drinks and went for a lovely burger dinner night. I had a basic one with avocado and it was so good. And the fries tasty mmm yummy.
And What is your favorite night out food and place to go? I hope you liked this post and see you next time xoxo Mon.

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