How my Holidays looked like? or What I got for Christmas part2

By 14Monika141 - February 05, 2018

Yes again a bit late but I wanted to show you some cutest and loveliest things I got, I tried to involve mostly cosmetics and makeup. And I absolutely love them, so you wont see everything, like clothes and stuff, just some extraordinary things, which I think would interest you. So hope you like it and see you next time.
So, first thing I was so excited for was something I really wanted a lot. I got this beautiful charm bracelet from Thomas Sabo, which you can actually find on they website or in stores, At Slovakia it is the official shop in Aupark or in Moloko.. I got this because I love this kind of jewellery. It is a rose quartz with silver and the charm is a tree which represents the family and I love it!

 For my coffee obsession I got a coffee collection with two different coffee flavors and I am excited to try them. And this lovely book with self development, focusing on goals and achieving them.  
 Also this NyX palette in the shade New York it contains 4 eye shadows, 1 highlighter, one blush and one lovely lip paint. The shades are nicely pigmented, especially the sparkle ones. The highlighter is on fleek and the paint has beautiful color and pigmentation the bad thing is that it does not last a long time on the lips.
Next we have here the Revolution highlighter palette, it has 2 powder and 2 creamy highlighters, they are pigmented quite a lot, it also contains a highlighter stick, they are oriented to the gold tone. And the collection is finished with 2 beautiful brushes. They are rose gold combined with pink, and really soft. And my old time favorite fragrance from Thiery Muglar - Alien.
 I also got this beautiful tea cup from The beauty and the beast and I absolutely love and adore it!
 I got as well this most amazing pom pom thing I have ever seen in my like, it is beautiful baby blue color and with it goes a beautiful metal unicorn.
 Then this beautiful thing I got is a bath collection from Flowers by Raphael Rosalle never heard about this before, but it looks amazing and also smells amazing! It is a nice wooden basket and inside you can find a body lotion, shower gel, bath salt and two rose form soaps.
 Not moving too far from cosmetics and beauty products. I got (for myself) actually this beautiful pack from Lush all along with small bath bombs I already used up. Before Christmas I went to Budapest and purchased few products also for my friends. And as I already had one similar bath bomb box from my friend I decided to go on and buy another one. And I really like this The night before Christmas collection and it is absolutely amazing! It contains from one bath bomb and one bath soap I guess. I will also list here the bath bombs I have used up so maybe you can try them out as well I recommend it a lot! Because they smell amazing, leave your skin hydrated and soft and the most important they are made there and are not tested on animals. For more info click here
 Also I love these books. I got few receipt books, two of them are from the collection All color cookbooks, Indian and Thai favorites and the Tanya Burr book Tanya Bakes.
 This gift is a combination of my favorite things, baking and unicorns. I have never seen cuter thing than this, so from now I can bake my unicorn!
 Another amazing smell cosmetic things is this collection from Yves Rocher and it is their Christmas collection, which has two flavors Vanilla and the Enchanted forest and I am so in love with these, I bough these as a gift for my friends and then I was so sad I did not buy also one for me because it smells like heaven. But lucky me I got it as a present as well. And it contains from Vanilla body lotion and shower gel, hand cream and Enchanted forest small shower gel and hand cream. Website
 Also few product from my favorite British hair cosmetics Lea Stafford. It is with all different kinds of oil. And I must say I have never used something better. It hydrates my hair so well and also protects. I got the shampoo and conditioner set and also heat defence spray with the miracle shine spray. Website

And more cosmetics yaaaay. I got the La paletter nude from Loreal, I love this collection of Loreal palettes I have also the rose one and it is lovely as well. The pigmentation is nice, but some of the shades are a little bit greasy, but to be honest that shades I don't even use so it is not that bad. For example the light shades I do not even use, but the dark ones are amazing. So I think I would just remove the light shades and it would be excellent. You can buy this in every drugstore I guess, so no website needed. Also I got my current favorite mascara, which is also from Loreal and it is the Paradise extatic. Which I already mentioned in a post before. And the lip gloss from Bourjois from the Rouge Edition in a shade 10 Dont pink of it, the color is nice but for me too light so I think I will gift it to someone who can use it and wear it more than I.

So this is all guys for today I hope you liked this post, dont forget to subscribe and leave a comment. See you next time xoxo Mon

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